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Where is your favorite place to unwind and relax? Is it along the coast, at the lake, in the garden, or around the stables? At Rightside Design, we provide you with home décor products that can take you back to those special places – even if you are miles away from where you'd like to be. When you browse through our wide range of lifestyle-inspired home décor products, you'll come across everything you need to transform any room in your home into a relaxing and tranquil retreat.

From throw pillows to table runners to canvas art, Rightside Design offers numerous home décor products in every collection that features complementing colors, designs and patterns to fit any lifestyle theme you choose. On top of that, we provide much more than indoor home décor items! Whether you are adding cushions to your patio chairs, sitting on the dock to fish or setting up the campground, you can rely on the comfort of our durable cushions and pillows specifically designed for outdoor versatility.

Whether you choose our coastal home décor, equestrian-inspired accents or any other lifestyle collection, you will not be disappointed by Rightside Design! Start shopping by lifestyle today to create your own personal sanctuary and contact us at 484-508-8722 with any questions.


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Coastal Home Decor

Coastal Home Decor

Coastal Home Decor Ideas From A Professional

Your home decor says a lot about your style. It gives your guests an idea of the kind of person you are. While everyone can't be a style enthusiast, you can still make your

coastal home decor look simple yet exceptional. Contrary to popular opinion, professional designers don't have a rulebook they use for all their projects whether it's a coastal home decor or something else. There are no clear-cut rules about how a home should be decorated. Creativity has a major influence on the quality of their decoration. So, if you want to decorate your home like a professional, you have to be creative enough to give your home that beach ambiance.

Top Coastal Home Decor Tips for Decorating Your Home Like a Professional

1) Never Underestimate the Power of Space

Providing space for furniture to breathe is an old trend that has come back to stay. Professionals no longer overcrowd your room just to make it look classy. Everyone in the home should be able to maneuver with ease. Those who come for the first time should also be able to do the same thing without walking into a furniture piece. A bonus to this tip is that you'll spend less on furniture.

2) Mind What You Keep As Collectables

So, maybe you've had this one piece that doesn't mean so much but always ends up in your home from one move to the other. Well, it's time to let it go. If it doesn't fit the decor, don't force it. This especially applies to living room decor. Your living room is the center of attraction in your home. So, mind what you keep there. If you have such a strong sentimental attachment to that piece, try keeping it somewhere else.

3) Consider the Height of Each Art Work You Decide to Hang

Hanging artwork adds an extra spice to your home. Most people cannot do without them. Museums and galleries use a measurement of 57 to 60 inches above floor level to hang artwork. If you want to do it right, you should do the same. This makes sense since the average human eye level is about 57 inches above the ground. Irrespective of how high your ceiling is, remember that the artwork is placed for people and not furniture.

4) Ditch the Cliché

Having a theme is good. In this case, you have a coastal theme which is a good idea. However, you need to overcome the urge to overdo it or repeat the same old beach style decor you had in your previous home. You can always switch things up a little to add individuality. This way you'll get the coastal vibe you want and still maintain your unique look.

5) Your Paint Color Should Come Last

If there is any rule in the home decor industry, this is it. Before you pick out a paint color or even start painting, you should have a defined goal of what you want your home to look like. Remember that each paint color has a unique shade, tint, and tone. To get the color that best compliments your home, wait till after you've moved in or after every other thing has been decided before you paint.

There you have it! Follow these tips, and you'll be happy with the result. If you don't have the time or patience to do it yourself, you can always hire a professional.


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