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Where is your favorite place to unwind and relax? Is it along the coast, at the lake, in the garden, or around the stables? At Rightside Design, we provide you with home décor products that can take you back to those special places – even if you are miles away from where you'd like to be. When you browse through our wide range of lifestyle-inspired home décor products, you'll come across everything you need to transform any room in your home into a relaxing and tranquil retreat.

From throw pillows to table runners to canvas art, Rightside Design offers numerous home décor products in every collection that features complementing colors, designs and patterns to fit any lifestyle theme you choose. On top of that, we provide much more than indoor home décor items! Whether you are adding cushions to your patio chairs, sitting on the dock to fish or setting up the campground, you can rely on the comfort of our durable cushions and pillows specifically designed for outdoor versatility.

Whether you choose our coastal home décor, equestrian-inspired accents or any other lifestyle collection, you will not be disappointed by Rightside Design! Start shopping by lifestyle today to create your own personal sanctuary and contact us at 484-508-8722 with any questions.


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Mermaid Home Decor

Mermaid Home Decor

How To Create A Perfect Mermaid Home Décor

The home interior decoration is improving on a daily basis. New interior designs are being introduced at intervals, and interior decorators and designers are also trying to outperform themselves. This has given rise to newer designs and decorations for the home interior.

There are new interior designs and themes out now that create a particular effect in your home. Examples of such décor are;

Beach or coastal décor

This décor creates a coastal or beach-like effect in your home. All items decorated with sea-related creatures are used for this interior décor.

Lake or cabin or lodge décor

Here, all decorative items are designed using lake features. It is meant to provide a lake effect in your home.

Garden décor

It is no longer news that people love gardens. It is now seen that most homeowners convert a part of their property into a garden. Gardens beautify your house, same for the garden décor. It creates that garden feeling, aura, and effect.

Equine décor

For horse lovers, this décor provides that horsey effect which makes it look like you are rearing horses in your home. Interesting, right? Yes, that is the advantage of decorating your home with equine décor.

These are some of the new interior decors that create a particular effect in your home. There are many other types of home décor that you can choose from if you are interested.

Mermaid home décor is an example of the beach or coastal décor because mermaids live in water, and water is a coastal environment.

Below are types of mermaid home décor;

Mermaid lure gallery wrapped coastal canvas art: This is a mermaid-themed wall décor made on canvas, and used in interior decorations. It is suitable for both living room and bedroom, and available in both large and small sizes.

Pearl of the sea mermaid canvas art: This is another wall décor with a mermaid theme. It is available in two types; the framed canvas and the unframed canvas. Whichever type you choose, you are still going to get your desired result; the mermaid décor.

Mermaid cotton throw: For your bed and/or sofa, there are mermaid design cotton throws that you will like for the coastal effect in your home.

Mermaid embroidered toss pillow: Toss pillows are equally available with mermaid embroidered design.

Sirens wear navy pillow: You can have a navy blue (or navy) siren wear pillow. This pillow is designed with a navy color mermaid.

Sirens wear aqua pillow: This is very similar to the sirens wear navy pillow but with a different color; aqua.

Mermaid pillow: There is a 3D mermaid appliquéd pillow available as a bedroom interior decorative piece.

Mermaid wall clock: This is a wall décor with a mermaid design useful in home interior decoration. Instead of buying a decoration and a wall clock, you can get this mermaid clock to serve both purposes whilst carrying out a space management in your home.

So, in conclusion, those are some of the mermaid home décors that you can try for your home interior. A combination of the mermaid throws, mermaid pillows, mermaid theme and mermaid clock will give you the perfect mermaid home décor.


Mermaid Home Decor
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Mermaid Home Decor