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Where is your favorite place to unwind and relax? Is it along the coast, at the lake, in the garden, or around the stables? At Rightside Design, we provide you with home décor products that can take you back to those special places – even if you are miles away from where you'd like to be. When you browse through our wide range of lifestyle-inspired home décor products, you'll come across everything you need to transform any room in your home into a relaxing and tranquil retreat.

From throw pillows to table runners to canvas art, Rightside Design offers numerous home décor products in every collection that features complementing colors, designs and patterns to fit any lifestyle theme you choose. On top of that, we provide much more than indoor home décor items! Whether you are adding cushions to your patio chairs, sitting on the dock to fish or setting up the campground, you can rely on the comfort of our durable cushions and pillows specifically designed for outdoor versatility.

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Nautical Room Decor

Nautical Room Decor

Nautical Room Decor Ideas For A Marine Bedroom

When you hear nautical room decor, the first things in your head are probably boats, anchors, sailor hats, etc. While these are what it takes to add a seaside look to your home, it can be easier to accomplish. It doesn't need to be that complicated. You can beautify a room in your home by adding that seaside touch with weathered wood, bold stripes, blue palettes and that simple mixture of red and white that makes everything look perfect.

Design Your Marine Bedroom With These Nautical Room Decor Ideas

1) Use Studded Upholstery

Adding studded upholstery to your room decor is an ideal way to give it that nautical ambiance. A nailhead can add a special spark to a headboard of upholstery. Place white and blue embroidered pillows right where they are meant to be. Cashmere is a good shade of blue for a marine room.

2) Use Inventive Curtains

You can use linens in place of regular fabric curtains. This is ideal when you have a big room with large curtain demand. You can sow your linens and bond them together with horizontal bands.

3) Mismatch Your Fabric

If you decide to go all out with the nautical theme, mix matches your fabric and add faded batik prints will bring a sea journey into your home. Your room will look like you have a stock of old textiles you collected during your last voyage at sea. You can use antique cage lights and hang them gloriously on an antique four-poster bed made of metal.

4) Add a Sea Glass to the Room

You can add the sea ambiance to your nautical room decor and wrap it in blue glass tiles giving it ripples just like water. This will add a seaside glow to the room. It is most suitable for bathrooms but can also be attempted on other rooms as well.

5) Stairway With Marine Ambience

You can buy some hemisphere maps and suspend them from a beautiful brass rail. Place this on your stairway to remind yourself of your conquests. This will fit perfectly if your home has a New England theme.

6) Whimsical Lighting

Whimsical lighting me to tell room look like a crystal ship sailing over a glass. You can use it to keep a room looking cool and nautical.

7) Use Bleached White

Nothing gives your home more attitude than using a good old bleached white artwork. Using bleached white in place of regular white might change your nautical room decor for the better.

8) Scrimshaw Fireplace

If your living room is big enough, add a scrimshaw fireplace instead of the typical one. This will give it a well-deserved beach night look when the lights go out.

Deciding what to do with home decor can be quite tasking. You have to make the right choice to make sure everything falls into place. The beginning of the process is picking a theme for your home. As soon as you have picked your theme, you can discuss with a professional interior designer regarding the rest of the project. Using the services of a designer might look like an expensive option at first, but in the end, it would be worth it. Everything will fit perfectly, and you'll not have to stress yourself twice on the same job.


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Nautical Room Decor